Not another productivity tool that makes you do more work. We help you work less by cutting distractions by 70%
We all spend 6+ hours a day in the browser, and waste an average of 1-2 hours being distracted. Motion is a Chrome extension that gives you back at least 1 hour each day by cutting online distractions and speeding up the way you work.
“I’m moving a lot faster on tasks like scheduling”
"Takes the pain and friction out of doing my daily work in the browser"
Users & The Media Love Us
"Motion does a really good job at keeping me focused. It probably squeezes an extra hour into my workday every day."
Mathew Pregasen  CEO of QuickCard
The all-in-one solution that will help you work less, and improve your work quality
As computer science students, once we found out how much harm online distractions did to our brains, we decided to build an all in one solution that gives you back time daily. Anything from a smart distraction blocker to having information appear magically to you at the right time, help you fly through tasks faster, and much more.
We know what you're thinking, "why are online distractions so important for me to solve?" Here's why...
Reduces IQ by 10 Points
Constant online distractions (even when ignored) drop your IQ by 10 points on average.
Lose 1-2 Hours a Day
It’s estimated that we lose about 1-2 hours of each workday to distractions online
Insomnia, Low Energy...
Distractions increase your cortisol levels, causing insomnia, low energy, and high blood pressure.
“I was working for 12 hours but found my tasks only take 6 hours to complete. Something was off.”
We’ve all been there. We work super long hours only to realize that we could have gotten our work done in way less time if we weren’t constantly distracted. And these distractions come at a heavier cost than we realize. We lose out on the chance to work on the project we’re excited about, go to the gym, spend time with people we love, or do pretty much anything other than feel chained to a desk.
You can get more done in 2 hours of deep work than 8 hours of interrupted work
When sharing your time availabilities with others, you’d rather try to keep meetings adjacent to each other so you get long periods of focus time; however, you also don’t want to risk sending too few time slots. Motion gives you the best of both worlds - by intelligently labeling preferred slots while still showing your max availability, you can have focus time AND make sure the meeting happens.
Do your best work without letting meetings take up even more time
Meetings already take up too much of your day. But many are unavoidable. What is avoidable is wasting time on scheduling and accessing them. Motion allows you to schedule meetings at optimal times without even opening your calendar. And attend meetings on any platform by just clicking a button.
Remove the stress of staring at a crowded browser with 37 tabs.
Clicking through squished tabs where you can barely see the icons is stressful. Every wrong tab reminds you of all the other things you’re working on. With Motion’s workspaces and vertical subtabs, you’ll never look at a window with over 10 tabs again. Except when condemning a Motion-less coworker.
Reconnect with your brain by cutting the noise of social media
You’re on Youtube figuring out how to change the formatting of your report. And then a recommended Ted Talk grabs your attention. We know social media can be both helpful and damaging. Motion alerts you if you steer off-course and removes distractions from Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, and even LinkedIn.
Speed through tasks without searching everywhere for that file
You’re searching for an Excel sheet to update with new numbers, and suddenly you’re looking at your company’s holiday photos from 2007. Motion’s commands cut out the emotional search journey and give you smooth access to the documents you need with a lot less clicking. Your mouse will thank you.
They Really Love us!
"I used to get so frustrated finding video links making me late. Now with Motion, whenever there is a meeting, I just click on the "Join Call" browser notification and magically taken to the right video meeting on time."
Holly Liu  Founder of Kabam
"I used to wrangle Calendly, Mixmax, and many more meeting management apps but ended up going manual all too often when the real world actually hit. Motion reduces that time from a few minutes to a few seconds."
Shahrooz Chowdhury  CEO of Liven